The Nelson Mandela Museum


The Nelson Mandela Museum was officially opened in February 11, 2000, at a function coinciding with the tenth anniversary of his release from prison in 1990. The main museum is situated in Mthatha.  The museum offer visitors an inspiring life journey of Nelson Mandela and exhibits Mandela’s book “Long Walk to Freedom”.

Nelson Mandela Museum is associated with the department of Arts and Culture in one of the National Legacy projects. It embraces development and fitting tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela as it serves as a gateway to the wild coast where one can visit pristine beaches such as Port St Johns and Coffee Bay.

The museum serves as a catalyst and springboard for the upliftment and development of the local municipality.

The museum is located on three sites; the impressive Bhunga building in Mthatha, Mvezo – where Mandela was born and Qunu – the cultural village where he grew up.  Qunu is a modest yet vibrant village where a Youth and Heritage Centre is being built. Activities planned at the centre include youth programmes and tourism development.

Hole in the wall


Hole in the wall, or Eskaleni ‘the place of noise’ is a geological wonder created by the constant erosion over millennia of a combination of the Mpako River’s outpouring and Wild Coast waves pounding a free standing rock about 100 m from the mainland. This combination of forces has created a near perfect ” arch” around and through which the tides, by turns, swirl and pummel, creating a spectacular sight.

The coastline here is fringed with beaches and the specious cliffs that define the Wild Coast, interspersed with mainly pristine dune and coastal. Hole in the wall is situated in Coffee Bay with the most beautiful sceneries South Africa has ever had. It is set in a secluded, tropical bay in the heart of the wild coast setting. There is a lot to keep everyone entertained. It is in the heart of the unspoiled rural South Africa.

The area is almost untouched by time and infrastructure that the rest of South Africa is accustomed to. It is an undeveloped area with villages of traditional mud and thatch huts, cattle provide a subsistence living. Several lodges have sprung up to accommodate visitors, a glimpse of lovely scenery along the rocky coastline interspersed with empty beaches. 7

Nduli Nature Reserve


Nduli Nature Reserve is situated in a valley on the outskirts of Mthatha; the entrance gate is only about 3km south of Mthatha on the main East London road. Nduli Nature Reserve was originally established in 1951 and re-proclaimed on February 15, 1972 in terms of the Cape Nature Conservation Ordinance of 1965.

The reserve is only open to day visitors. Acacia caffra and Acacia karoo is the most abundant tree species found in the reserve. Sombre bulbuls, fiscal flycatchers, black-crowned tchagras and yellow-eyed canaries are common in the thorn bush, and several species of swallow and swift occur here too. The following medium sized herbivores are found in the two nature reserves: Blesbok, Black Wildebeest, and Fallow Deer just to mention a few.

Mthatha Dam


Mthatha Dam – The dam that quenches the town’s thirst and also provides facilities for outdoor activities, such as picnicking and water sport.  Facilities for ski boating are available.
conferenceConference facility

Mabheleni Dam – Mabheleni is situated about 42 km from Mthatha within the Langeni and Mhlahlane forest range. It provides magnificent setting for fly fishing and trout fishing. The road to the dam branches off the R61 on your way to Queenstown.

Jonopo Traditional Village


A beautiful green herbal garden, fresh smell of cultural vibration that helps restores the enthusiasm of connecting to traditional roots in Jonopo Village.  Jonopo traditional village gives you an insight to the traditions and customs of the Xhosa people, talk about the initiations, sangoma’s, craft shops, etc. The village is situated in Qunu Administrative Area near Mthatha. It is only few kilometers away from Nelson Mandela Residence in Qunu.

The craft centre in the village is based on the concept of where the community is involved in generating a source of income to sustain their livelihood. The craft centre is comprised of the following:

Traditional garments/attire




Pottery Some of the traditional wears include:

Vula Kabini (Mens tasseled beaded necklace usually bought by a girlfriend as a gift)

Umncumo (A longer necklace meaning smile)

Inciyo (L adies panty)

Umqhoboko (A gift from a boyfriend)

Other Attractions found in the village are:

Guest Rondavels

Craft Centre

Traditional Food Preparation Area

Caravan Park

Conference Centre

Cultural Performances (by request)

There is enough to keep you entertained at Jonopo, come and enjoy the insight of this beautiful piece of land.

Mthatha Community Art Centre

arts centre

The centre is a community based organization that was formed in 1995 and registered under Section 21 in 1998. The centre is situated in the Central Business District of the City Centre, Richardson Park in Norwood. The Provincial Department of Arts and Culture plays a major role in running the centre through funding activities that take place in the centre and the local municipality assists with electricity , water and marketing.

Mthatha Community Art Centre promotes art and culture by developing opportunities for local artists focusing on visual art and craft, language and literature, theatre and performing art and music. It is also a platform to motivate artist’s creativity and cultivate talent of the youth. The centre co-ordinates all artistic and cultural activities in and around Mthatha in showcasing the talent of the community .

Eastern Cape Arts and Craft Hub

craft hub

Mthatha is the administrative seat and commercial hub of the O.R. Tambo District Municipality, housing the biggest international and national tourist attraction in the country –the Nelson Mandela Museum. The municipality grows immensely in the arts and craft sector with good looking prospects for established Eastern Cape Arts and Craft Hub which is a delight for shoppers and tourists. If you are the person who likes the exotic, very natural objects – this is a place for you.

Other activites

  • themba Arts and Crafts Project
  • Zenzele Weaving with beautiful array of mohair chair backs, wall hangings and floor rugs as well as baskets
  • Masande Beadwork specializes in ceremonial beadwork traditional garments and grass weaving
  • The Masizakhe project outside Mthatha T own Hall creates Madiba shirts, patterned skirts and beaded tops.

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